Abass Ndiaye

Willkommen & Bienvenue!  Der Singer-Songwriter aus Senegal bringt Musik pur mit inniger Freude und Gefühl auf die Bühne. Er performt seinen eigenen Musikstil, der Pop, Folk, Funk, senegalesische Musik und Reggae verbindet.

Welcome & Bienvenue!  The Singer-Songwriter from Senegal brings you pure music with heartfelt joy, feeling and a unique charismatic voice on stage. He is performing his own style of music that fuses Pop, Folk, Funk, Senegalese Music and Reggae. 


Heritage, Music & Joy

Abass Ndiaye is a professional senegalese artist, singer-songwriter, composer, author and performer, based in Berlin. His style, characterized by his strong voice, is a blend of Afro Pop, Folk, Reggae, Hiphop and Afro Beat. He sings in his mother tongue Wolof, but also in French and English, which gives him a variety of different expressions and accessibility to a wide audience.


His musical inspirations come from traditional senegales music and artists like Bob Marley, Ali Farka Toure, Salif Keita, Gnagua Mbay, Aminata Fall a.o. Abass has been participating in many festivals, venues and cultural events in Africa and Europe: Concert for Peace, Jemberin Festival and No Malaria Festival (Casamance/Senegal) Tournee Marocco (Casablanca a.o.), Afrikakeur (Dakar), YAAM, Heimathafen Neukölln, Bergmannstraßenfest 2018, Karneval der Kulturen Berlin, Zwischenraum Festival, Pay au Forin (France), RIXPOP a.o.


Besides the guitar he plays the traditional west-african „Kamele Ngoni“, a traditional string instrument made out of calabash. His storytelling is about rural life and personal experiences concerning changes and social aspects of western and non-western societies.  He is constantly on a mission of cultural sensitization, healing and uniting through music.


Solo | Duo | Trio | Band

Abass Ndiaye performs in private events, clubs and festivals with  in flexible lineups 


Solo - voc/git

Duo - voc/git, perc. or drums

Trio - voc/git, perc. or drums, bass

Full Band (4-5) - voc/git, perc. or drums, bass, sax/keys


Abass Ndiaye – voc / acoustic git / Kora (Kalebasse/Strings)

Daniel Zabon – sax

Marcell – percussion. handdrums / shakers

feat. Guests


For bookings please use the contact email below.

Looking Back

My Story

Surrounded by a strong musical environment in Senegal (West Africa) he wished to become a musician already at an early age. Since his teenage years he enriched his musical variety by including other styles ranging from modern popmusic to other global music traditions. Being part of the rising young senegalese HipHop Movement, he won the competition „Tremplin Hip Hop“/Ziguinchor in 2005 organized by the Alliance Française Ziguinchor.


Through this he could realize his my first album „Yobante“ (Message). With the idea that he shall become a messenger for the unheard, an embassador for issues that must be transmitted in the name of the people who have no voice to bring out to the world.


This was the initial start of his international touring. In 2007 he was invited to perform at the „Afrikakeur Festival“/Dakar. Hereafter the organiser enabled him to work on an album with international outreach in his studio Music Solutions. Eventually it could not be finished but opened international doors. Living in Dakar in that era, he played professionally in many well know venues (The VDN, Cultural Center Douta Seck, Bar  FIGO a.o.)

In 2009 he met german musician Stefan Hackl. Based on their immediate mutual understanding they formed the acoustic Duo KKTAR. One year later their album „M´Boolo“ (buy on amazon a.o.) was released, which had a great promotion in Senegal for three months.


The album tells about the strenght and empowerment of unity. This allowed Abass to come to Germany for the first time to perform on a Tourvia Berlin, Ludwigsburg, Munich, Tegernsee, Neuruppin a.o. After that he joined the band Dub ingenious which has later become the Afrobeat Band KELELE in 2016. As the frontman of this heavily grooving formation, he composed two albums with them so far: "Terela" and "Xarito". The band with its 10 musicians unifies many different nationalities and is melting Afrobeat with Hip Hop and Reggae.


Today he is performing as a singer, gitarrist and bandleader solo, duo, trio or with full  band.